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Armored Chevy Tahoe for Protection

Armored Chevy Tahoe includes full vehicle armoring with certified steel and design to resist external ballistic threats from any angle,  OEM components such as suspension. wider interior protection and brake system are fully upgraded to support full weight of armor without compromising the vehicle’s performance. The high capacity wheel and tire assembly comprise of built-in run-flats and bead lock systems. In addition to the left hand drive  Armored Chevrolet Tahoe.  VIP and goverment employee needed to have chevy Tahoe for extra safety and security. Features Hutchinson Run flats on all Wheels Heavy duty Suspension Reinforced Door Hinges Fuel Pipe Protection Large Frame Overlap Tail Pipe Protection Power Windows Fuel Tank Protection Radiator Protection Battery protection Door Restraints Rear Cargo Window gun ports Technical Specifications Harrow Security Vehicles in B6 level are armored using materials, both opaque and transparent, that meet or exceed the requir