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Flag Pole Mount Solution- Offroad

Sticky whips is an easy mounting solution for your off road flags. No more hassle of bending your flag poles or fixing permanent adapters, with sticky whips you can safely secure your flag poles on your car any-time anywhere, let it be front bumpers or rear windshield.

Stickywhips has taken off road safety and simplicity to a whole new level with the introduction of our suction cup whip mount! long gone are the days of duct tape, zip ties, and stuffing flags into bed pockets or between body panels while exploring your favorite off road destination! installation and removal takes a matter of seconds and can be positioned and re-positioned on glass, body panels, plastic, virtually any flat smooth surface on any vehicle!

Harrow Security Vehicle Manufacturing Cash In Transit Vehicles

Harrow Security Vehicle manufacturing cash in transit highly-secured vehicle utilized to transport valuable goods such as large quantity of cash, jewelry and asset. Our Clients are banks, financial institutions and prominent companies that require transporting cash and valuables from one destination to another. Many model of cit vehicles available. upon request we are adding additional future that meet safety metrics. 360 degree Surveillance and ballistic protection shield against any ballistic or armed threats.


Harrow Security produces a variety of CIT units to meet every client need and budget. Our range currently includes the Armored TLC 79, Armored GMC Savana, and Armored Toyota Hilux.
If you are looking for a lightweight and mobile CIT, the TLC 79 will suit your needs well. Powered by a 4.0 litre V6 engine, the 4x4 drive TLC 79 gives you the power, the torque, and the control to overcome even the most challenging obstacle…

TJM Suspension Shocks- For Armoured Suspension

The TJM Shock Absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling. While shock absorbers serve the purpose of limiting excessive suspension movement, their intended sole purpose is to damp spring oscillations.
f wheels were your car’s feet, then suspension would be the legs. Just as the strength, length and flexibility of your legs impact on the way in which you move and the way you connect to the ground, different types of suspension determine the functionality, safety and comfort of your vehicle on different terrain. Made up of several parts that work together like joints and bones, suspension affects absolutely every aspect of driving. Given the importance of suspension, it’s surprising how frequently people place priority on installing bull bars, roof racks and other 4WD accessories without even considering their suspension needs. Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or you need to tow a caravan, the…

Armored Mercedes

The Armored Benz Bringing a new dimension of luxury and security.  Armored Mercedes S500 and s600 is the best luxury sedan for custom armouring. we do the armoring without losing luxurious interior and exterior looks. 2018 model Mercedes is ready for armoring. contact our team now.

The Armored Mercedes Maybach s600 offers top-of-the-line protection along with the latest advancements in offers more performance and safety than most people in the world would ever need. But there are a select few who need more protection than crumple zones and a lot of airbags. They need to stop bombs and bullets. They need armor.The car’s body shell was reinforced with special steel while the windows are coated with polycarbonate on the inside to resist splintering, should they blow out in the event of an explosion.Harrow Security vehicle meeting the needs of the customers who desire prestigious vehicles without compromising safety, it achieves a CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic protection level.

Harrow Security Vehicles Manufacturer of Armored Nissan Patrol

The Armored Nissan Patrol is the best choice for looking Armored car with Affordable Budget. perfect sport utility vehicle has 4x4 driving configuration comes with 360-degree bulletproof shield protected vehicle. it is Harrow Security vehicle giving best in the market. It owns a 5.6L 400 HP V8 Engine with a 7-speed rev-syncing transmission, delivering the smoothest of rides within the steepest terrains. It offers speed, power and nice cross-country capabilities whereas maintaining excellent fuel-efficiency and low emissions. The Armored Nissan Patrol has CEN level B6 or B7 armouring creating it safer and safe even at the very best purpose of torture.

 Hutchinson Run flats on all WheelsHeavy Duty Suspension  Reinforced Door Hinges Fuel Pipe Protection  Large Frame Overlap Tail Pipe Protection ECM & Battery Protection  Fuel Tank Protection Radiator Protection Special Lock System Premium Upholstery Heavy Duty Bull Bar ( Optional ) 


All four sides of the passenger compartment and th…

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